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Purchasing Hosting and Domain Names


I hear it all the time from clients, “My designer bought my domain name and hosting and now they have left me hanging. I cannot do any edits or get into my site, and if they do make the needed changes I request it takes forever.”

BUSINESS TIP: Never allow anyone but yourself to control your business!

If you are allowing your designer to control your business domain name or hosting this is the first mistake. That is the equivalent of letting them control your check book. God forbid if you ever piss them off and believe me I have seen it numerous times. A designer gets upset as you want someone else to do your marketing or edits and next thing you know they are holding your business hostage. This is simply not a good business practice and their are just way to many cons out their calling themselves designers or marketers. When in fact they are nothing more than internet con artists.

Where to Purchase Your Domain Name & Hosting From:

Always keep your domain names and hosting in one place as you will save yourself and your designer alot of headaches. My suggestion is that you either go with  or, personally I prefer as they give me unlimited hosting, emails and SSL certificates. If you ever need help with this process simply give us a call and we will walk you through it over the phone. That way you are insuring that you are in control of your website and hosting, so your business always remains in your control instead of some expert designer or big conglomeration.

What Type of Domain Name Should I Purchase?

Well that all depends on what type of organization or business the domain will be for.

.com domains are for Businesses

.org domains are for Non-Profits

.gov domains are for Government Agencies

.mil domains are for Military Agencies

.edu domains are for Education Facilities or Organizations

Besides those there are a whole list of other domain types such as top level domain names and country specific domain names, but in general those are the ones that you need to concern yourself with.

domain names

What Type of Hosting Should I Purchase?

In general simple WordPress Hosting or Linux Hosting will due just fine, it all just depends on how many websites you are expecting to host or manage on your account.

domain name hosting

If you have any questions about domain names or hosting or just business questions in general feel free to give me a call at (904)445-1675 and lets get started.

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